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Jennifer Wallis

- holistic wellness & words

 Meet Jennifer

Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Teacher,  and Health and Wellbeing Writer

I am a trained freelance journalist with a degree in Journalism from City University. I spent a number of years working as a journalist, DJ and radio host in the dance music industry, writing for some of the world's top electronic music magazines and playing at some of London's most prestigious venues. My journey with wellbeing coincided with this, first using meditation as a tool to manage stress and anxiety, then with Reiki - firstly receiving it and then undertaking Reiki training. 


I now write about wellbeing and I am a trained Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui System of Natural Healing and a trained meditation teacher. Helping people, listening to and sharing their stories, is something I have always had a strong desire to do - this is something I have done through my journalism work and podcast, and now through practicing and teaching Reiki and meditation, as well through hosting circles and workshops.

I base my practice in south east London and online, where I offer healing circles, workshops and Reiki training.


I am a fully insured member of The Complementary Medical Association

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Meet Jennifer
Why Reiki?

What I do

I have spent many years exploring different healing modalities and practices to help heal my own mental health and wellbeing - from anxiety to depression, relationship issues to body image issues. I have found healing in sound, travel, crystals, writing, Reiki, meditation and the Tarot. Reiki and meditation have had the most profound effect on my overall wellbeing and led to incredible spiritual growth. I have found  a place of inner stillness and peace after many years of turmoil, which has in turn had a great effect on my physical health, leaving me feeling energised and vibrant and ready to take action. 

To now be able to provide support to others using these healing modalities is an honour as is witnessing the incredible changes in my wonderful clients.

I offer help with:

  • Anxiety

  • Low self-esteem/confidence

  • Stress reduction

  • Balancing the hormonal system

  • Physical aches and pains

  • Grief

  • Baby loss support & womb healing

  • Fertility support

  • Career direction

  • Relationships

*Please note that these healing modalities are a support to awaken your own innate ability to heal and not a substitute for medical assistance. Please seek support from your doctor for serious conditions. They are, however, a wonderful support alongside western medicine*

I pride myself on creating a safe and loving space for my clients. During Reiki sessions I weave in meditation and tarot for extra comfort and guidance. All my sessions come with a consultation and in-depth follow up. At the start of each session we will have a chat about what is going on in your life at present and from there we can decide the energetic, emotional, spiritual or physical areas to work on, or I can just allow the Reiki energy to flow to where it needs to go. I will guide you to a place of deep relaxation where you will feel calm and nurtured, safe and held.


I have been in awe of the power of Reiki since I began receiving it almost eight years ago and this awe continues to grown as I practice Reiki on clients and myself, as well as living by the Reiki principles. 


I cannot wait to start your healing journey with you! - Jennifer


"I have had 2 sessions with Jennifer and can definitely feel the benefit in my body and spirit. Jen is super easy to relax around and I really enjoy being able to completely let go and have the reiki experience. During the sessions I experience a mix of an almost trance-like state and also random images popping into my consciousness. I love being able to feel the heat especially around my crown while Jen is working there. After my last session I felt so much more grounded and calm and open. When discussing the chakras with Jen I was given different perspectives through which to look at what I had been experiencing and that felt like a huge shift for me and I was happy to leave feeling I had a new insight to enjoy. Can’t wait for my next session!"

— Christina Andrea, Choreographer




In-person and distance Reiki healing

Each session includes consultation, intuitive Reiki healing to bring mind, body and spirit back into harmony, meditation and a tarot/oracle card pull. 

Children's Reiki

A shorter, gentle healing session for children. Can be done distance and during sleep.

Meditation sessions

Guided meditation sessions to invite calm, inner peace and stillness into busy lives

Reiki training

I offer full training and certification for Reiki levels 1 and 2 - Shoden and Okuden - in the Usui System of Natural Healing. Please contact for the next training dates.

1:1 mentorship & guidance

A healing programme specifically tailored to you and your needs. Together we will identify blocks in areas of your life - emotional, spiritual, career, relationships to name a few - and I will create a package that will include Reiki healing sessions, guided meditation, journalling prompts, tarot guidance and check in calls. Email your details to be notified when this launches. 

Workplace wellbeing

Get in touch to find out how my meditation and energy healing sessions can bring vibrancy to your workforce.

Want to know more or book a session?

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Contact Info


Forest Hill, London

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