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Introducing a brand new podcast - by me

Earlier this year, I decided to put my journalism degree to good use and create a podcast. The eagle-eyed of you who follow me over on Instagram may have spotted my accountability announcement back in, oooh, I can't even remember now - March or April I think. A couple of major life events held it back a little, but, I am very happy to say that the first full length episode of Practically Spiritual is now live on Spotify.

For this first episode I chatted with the brilliant Bex, founder of Cosmic Cures. Bex is a professional astrologer and writer. I connected with her last year after discovering her out-of-this-world knowledge and tips around what on earth is going on in the cosmos and with the moon, oh, the moon. Anyone else get affected by the new and full moons? She creates birth charts, seasonal guides and also teaches you how to use the position of the planets to align with your fullest potential.

Our conversation left me feeling empowered and with new knowledge. We spoke about everything from the power of meditation and manifestation to health and healing, and how we can use astrology for self-development.

I hope that you enjoy the conversation as much as I did. I would love to know what you think.

Keep an eye out as I have some really great guests lined up over the coming months.

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