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Six ways Reiki can help you heal & transform your life

Reiki is an incredibly powerful healing tool. During a Reiki session an attuned Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit for this gentle, yet powerful, energy. Studies have shown that the frequencies emitted from the hands of the Reiki practitioner are the optimum frequencies that stimulate our body's own natural healing process. It also heals on a spiritual and emotional level - with people who have had Reiki treatments reporting feeling lighter, having a sense of calm, clearer vision and less anxiety.

Here are six ways in which Reiki can help heal and transform our lives:

1. Restores a sense of calm

During a Reiki session we are taking time out for ourselves to just 'be'. A studio is usually lit with ambient lighting, the music is soft and healing. You may instantly feel calmer as soon as you enter the treatment room. Reiki itself allows our parasympathetic nervous system to kick in (the part of our autonomic nervous system responsible for rest and digest. The other strand is the sympathetic nervous system, which is our fight or flight mode). When our parasympathetic nervous system is activated it slows down our heart rate and lowers our blood pressure.

2. Relieves stress and anxiety

As already mentioned above, the activating of parasympathetic nervous system through a Reiki treatment can relieve stress. Anxiety may be present when we have blockages in our chakras. Our root chakra is connected to our fight or flight and, when imbalanced, can lead to us feeling ungrounded. Our throat is also connected to anxiety, as is our sacral. By using Reiki to dissolve these blockages we can help alleviate anxiety. It is widely known that stress and anxiety are a reaction to our environment rather than because of our environment, so by having regular Reiki treatments our reaction to challenging situations and factors in our environment should improve.

3. More confidence

A lack or confidence and low self-esteem is a manifestation of a solar plexus imbalance. The solar plexus chakra is represented by the colour yellow - it's our sun, our centre of power. When this is blocked we may worry more, not feel confident in our abilities or comfortable within ourselves. Reiki helps to dissolve such a blockage and can leave you feeling empowered.

4. Better direction

Because Reiki disolves energetic blockages that we may have long been holding, we will have 'clearer vision'. We are better able to understand our wants and needs. This can often lead to shedding of old patterns and mindsets that are holding us back and sometimes even relationships.

5. Harmony in relationships

Even just one Reiki session can leave us with a feeling of balance and harmony. This balance and harmony within ourselves has a ripple effect on those relationships that we have with our loved ones. And becasue Reiki can help us to find our voice and relieve anxiety (two common effects of having a blockage in the throat chakra) we are better able to communicate with our loved ones.

6. Relief from physical aches and pains

As previously mentioned, Reiki triggers the body's own natural ability to heal and as such, can provide relief from physical aches and pains. Often when we have pent up emotions or unhealed trauma, these can manifest physically in the body. By using Reiki to work on these emotional blockages it, in turn, relieves the physical manifestations.

Reiki is such an invaluable tool to have in your wellbeing toolbox. It has helped me personally through some very difficult times. Reciting the five Reiki principles each day and doing my best to live by them makes an enormous difference to my mindset and wellbeing. This, alongside Reiki self-healing and meditation, has transformed my life for the better.

If you want to learn how to self-heal with Reiki and how to use Reiki in a practical way to enhance your life, I will be holding a training for Reiki level 1 - Shoden level - in south east London over the weekend of 20 and 21 November. I have limited space left for this course, but you can still book your place here or get in touch to arrange a chat to find out more.

Please do remember that Reiki is a complimentary therapy and as such, compliments Western medicine. It is by no means a replacement for seeking help from your GP.

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